the work


Client brand work, from soup to nuts

Like any communication designer worth their weight, my work is not just about creating an esthetically pleasing picture, it's about defining a clients brand and making sure that that brand carries through to communicate their marketing goals.  While I do amazing work on a project basis, I really thrive in the long haul with clients as we build strong foundations for their brands, some for over a decade.

This page is where you can find that branding story, along with some of the process, ordered by client. I encourage you to see the individual pieces in context to the bigger picture of each clients brand that we have crafted together. If you are looking to see a catalog of websites I have done, or client logos all together, please click here.

Note: Sometimes it is difficult to determine who has done what in a portfolio. All the work here has been done "start to finish" by me in partnership with my clients: research, planning, sketching, refining, design, illustration and layout in print and web, often photography, print & web production/development, printer coordination/pricing as well as tech coordination for web, where needed. If third party illustration is used, that is specifically noted.